Booking/ Conditions

Booking/ Conditions

One of the main goals of this website is to make your booking as simple as possible. We have carefully selected our most popular itineraries to help you decide which one is best for you. Simply choose the country you intend to visit and select the itinerary that best matches your interests, your physical abilities, and your idea of a fulfilling vacation, and we will take it from there. Our itineraries go into great detail, but it’s recommended to personally discuss the nuts and bolts of the trip and regions you’re interested in with us before your arrival. It is our policy to respond to your requests within 24 hours with full information on everything you request.

Do not look for fixed prices of the itineraries on our website (except our popular tours which are operated frequently). There are several reasons why we do not publish them with prices.
1. Unlike other travel companies, we don’t use the marketing trick of showing the minimum price to attract a customer. This deceptive practice usually results in added or hidden costs that you don’t learn about until just before you’re ready to make your purchase.
2. All prices depend on various conditions such as number of participants, month(s) of travel, accommodation level, included services and many others. Our guiding principle is to take the individual approach, so the calculation of your tour will be also personalized with any possible discounts depending on exact current situation and by taking into consideration all details of your personal program. This allows us to prevent you from over-paying for services!
3. Prices are never effective for long once they’ve been published. During the period of time when you complete your order to the actual dates of your itinerary, there are many events that can happen that will effective the price of your package. Remember: we are dealing with 5 separate countries with as many currencies and inflation rates that will affect conversion rates.

Payments / Cancellations and Refunds.
We are proud to serve you with our user-friendly booking conditions:
We never ask for any deposits for the bookings. Many companies will claim to accept a non-refundable pre-payment to start your reservation, and if you change your mind or cancel you will forfeit your deposit. At Five Stan Adventures we accept a 20% pre-payment, but it is refundable up to 30 days before your tour is to commence.
We do not ask for full payment of the tour before your tour starts.
In most cases a bank transfer of only 20% prepayment of the tour price is enough for you to start your journey and pay the rest amount upon arrival. Once everything is confirmed, we ask that you submit a 20% pre-payment to us. We will accept this payment after you are 100% certain you want to do the tour. We prefer that you make the payment as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days before the start of your tour. Most importantly, you can pay the remainder that’s due once you arrive in-country in cash (usually in U.S. dollars).
All cancelations made one month prior of departure are fully refundable.

We are completely committed to providing you with an outstanding travel experience.
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