Why travel with us?

1. We’re specialists. We always respond immediately. Our in-house specialists are the best to be found in Central Asia. All of them have experienced deeply the places you want to visit. Many of them have lived in the region and have studied the history and architecture of the region under the best professors at the top universities. This knowledge, coupled with their intimate knowledge and familiarity of the sites, allows you the peace of mind that you deserve when traveling.

2. Individual approach and personalization at no extra cost. We carefully design each itinerary in a personalized fashion, based upon our conversation with you about what you want to experience. There is no extra charge for customizing any itinerary, no matter how many times you want to change it. We adjust the itinerary to your interests, activity level, and budget, as much as you want. Our personalized recommendations in hotels and restaurants are up to date and reflect good taste.

3. We offer the best of what the local culture has to offer. Through a thorough vetting process, we collaborate only with the best lodgings, outfitters, and guides to ensure that you are getting the best there is to offer. Our goal is to focus on authenticity, cultural depth, and environmental sustainability. We prefer to work with smaller, locally-owned hotels because they provide the best service and the most comfortable accommodations. Regularly, our clients prefer the biggest difference to make the trip exceptional is the high quality of our local guides. Additionally, our guides provide you with the flexibility you prefer. Maybe you will drive past a picturesque roadside bazaar and want to visit it? No problem! You are not dictated to a schedule when you travel with us!

4. Your interests are our top priority. We are on your side when assembling your in-country itinerary. Our job is to listen; and listen is what we do. When traveling, we recognize that your lodging arrangements are important to you. Most of our competitors will find it convenient to shuffle you to hotel of dubious quality when they see fit. At Five Stans Adventure, we will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you get the best lodgings available. Due to our stellar reputation among the various hoteliers, we can get you into our primary hotels with no hassle or wait.

5. Great evaluations and reviews. For centuries information has travelled quickly along the Great Silk Road, and in today’s internet age, this is no different. While it is easy to find negative reviews about various tour operators on the major websites, you won’t find anything negative about Five Stans Adventure. We offer extraordinary service and go the extra step to ensure that every person we meet returns home bursting with enthusiasm about our high-quality and friendly service.

6. Value Guarantee: We guarantee that we offer the best prices in Central Asia. If you find another operator with lower prices, just let us know and we will refund the difference to you. We urge you to compare our rates with our competitors; you will find that the combination of our high-quality guides and comprehensive tours easily distances us from them.

7. Reliable. During you trip you’ll never be far from the assistance and support you expect. Our guides are familiar with all procedures to give you the peace of mind you want while you are travelling with us.

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