These are very exciting times

These are very exciting times
Apr 17, 2019
By Greg Stephenson

These are very exciting times! The number of tourists traveling to Uzbekistan over the past year has increased exponentially and only one question remains: When are you going to visit this wonderful land?

Do you enjoy history? An Uzbekistan tours will give you the opportunity to go to Samarkand and Bukhara where Iranian nomads arrived in the first millennium B.C. to build irrigation systems. Or visit Khiva, one the famous outposts along the Great Silk Road. Or visit Tashkent, a city with over 2,200 years of written history.

Do you enjoy architecture? Khiva is known as the world’s greatest outdoor museum and is noted for its picturesque minarets. An Uzbekistan tours will take you to Buhkara, well-known for its beautiful mosques, minarets, and madrassas. Likewise, Samarkand is world-famous for its Registan the first of its madrassas completed in 1420, A.D.

Is it food you prefer? Uzbekistan tours will take you to places where the food is the most delicious in the world. Such delicacies as somsa, shorpa, and shashlik are a few of the foods that you will find on your table, but above all everyone must try Uzbekistan’s famous plov. As for drink, Uzbeks take great pride in their tea – both black and green – and are a proper accompaniment to any meal throughout the day.

Do you enjoy making new friends? No where else will you find people that are friendlier than the Uzbeks. Whether it’s at the markets in the large cities or at the roadside bazaars dotted throughout the countryside, you will be embraced by people who value the guest with the highest esteem. Five Stans Adventure through its Uzbekistan tours will organize visits with local families who will make you feel right at home.

So why are you waiting to visit Uzbekistan? There is so much to see and do that your only regret will be when it’s time to go! So don’t just sit there! Contact us today to learn more about what Five Stans Adventure can do to make your dream come true!

Greg Stephenson

Greg has lived and worked in Central Asia since 1997. His hands-on understanding of the people, culture, and tourist destinations provides our clients the opportunity to feel comfortable knowing that they are in good hands. His travels throughout Central Asia have given him the opportunity to interact with many professionals in the tourism industry that enables him to providing the highest quality of services anywhere in the world.

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