The Outstanding Carpet Museum of Turkmenistan

The Outstanding Carpet Museum of Turkmenistan
Nov 10, 2014
By Greg Stephenson

If you’re like me, it’s always important to buy that special souvenir that will define your visit to Turkmenistan for years to come. And in the back of your mind, you may harbor thoughts that your children or grandchildren will take pleasure in the beautiful artifact you brought home. Whatever it is, it must be something more than your average knickknack souvenir. If you’re planning to visit Turkmenistan, this will be the ideal time to buy a carpet. However, many people who are conducting an Uzbekistan tours often extend their itinerary to visit Turkmenistan, too.

This brings us to the Turkmen Carpet Museum in Ashgabat. Opened in 1994, it boasts to have the largest collection of Turkmen carpets on the planet. It has a varied collection of 1000s of carpets dating from the medieval period to the present. However, a significant number are from the 18th and 19th centuries. Other items of interest are one carpet that weighs 1 metric ton and measures 193 m² (2,077 ft²) that was used as a curtain at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow in 1941; another measures 301 m² (3,240 ft²) that was made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence in 2001. By the way, the latter is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest hand-woven carpet in the world.

Your visit to this museum will whet your appetite to buy that special souvenir that will last for years to come, a world-renowned Turkmen carpet! In a future blog, I’ll talk about the rules that govern carpet purchasing in Turkmenistan and other countries in Central Asia. Meanwhile, as you make your plans to go on an Uzbekistan tours, be sure to make the short trip to Turkmenistan, too!

Greg Stephenson

Greg has lived and worked in Central Asia since 1997. His hands-on understanding of the people, culture, and tourist destinations provides our clients the opportunity to feel comfortable knowing that they are in good hands. His travels throughout Central Asia have given him the opportunity to interact with many professionals in the tourism industry that enables him to providing the highest quality of services anywhere in the world.

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