Professional Drivers

Your safety is our highest priority, and a part of that is providing you with the best drivers in the country. Many of our drivers have over 20 years of driving experience, while many of them have been working in the tourism business since Soviet “In-tourist” times. It is this experience that gives more than just a “driver”. Our team of drivers are always willing to go the extra mile for you that will make the difference when you need help with a sudden problem or providing the flexibility you need if your plans change.

 For those tourists who feel comfortable traveling without the aid of a guide, having an experienced driver will make the difference between an enjoyable trip and a forgettable one.  All of our drivers undergo a series of trainings to ensure that they exceed your expectations. All of them speak numerous languages, including English, which will provide you with the confidence that your instructions are clearly understood. As a bonus to our customers, our drivers are on-call 24 hours a day to be available for any request that you may have. We truly believe that the driver is one of the most important aspects of a successful trip and it is essential that you have a driver that can handle occasional subpar road conditions. More importantly, our drivers are the most resourceful people in the world and you will be amazed at the comfort you will enjoy throughout your travels with us. Our drivers can provide you with excellent logistical support and solve unforeseen problems, especially if you decide to forego the option of using one of our outstanding guides. And most importantly, they drive safely with your interests in mind!